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Free Windows only paint program designed with children in mind and centered around coloring

Free Windows only paint program designed with children in mind and centered around coloring

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Program license: Free

Program by: Cs

Version: 2.2

Works under: Windows


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This is a drawing program that is designed for children to use, but adults will have fun using it as well.

From smiley faces to hearts and stars, children can create various shapes with numerous colors that are available with the program. The tabs are easy to navigate, and the tools are easy for children to understand. There is a white screen to start with, all of the tools located at the top of the page. The colors to choose from are located on the left side of the screen.

There are images already designed that can be posted on the page. Pencil, marker, and paintbrush tools let children use their imagination when it comes to the way that the designs look if they want to do something freehand. You can use any color that you want as a background, as an outline for an image, or to fill in a shape. There are also options for adding details to the drawings in different colors.

Pictures that are found online can be added to the screen. You can change the size of the images that are added as well as the pictures that are drawn. Pictures can be saved to a file and printed or saved to view for a later time. The images that are made can also be shared on social media after they are saved or sent to contacts via email.

This is a fun program to use that helps children learn how to draw and learn how to use colors together. They can also learn about shapes and how they look when they are drawn. It allows children to use the imagination to make large pictures using the images already available, such as a house, farm, or circus.


  • Several tools
  • Easy for kids to use


  • Could use sound